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1.1. To participate in the tournament, you must register on the website www.slingshotinrussia.ru. You will be required to enter your full name, your Facebook name (if available), a valid email address (if available), country of residence, contact phone number with country and region codes (optional).

1.2. After registration, you will receive an email with confirmation of registration and an individual identification number of the tournament participant (ID), which consists of 3 digits.

* NOTE: the letter usually arrives within one day. If you have not received an email within one day, please check your spam folder. If there is still no letter, please write to us at masters@slingshotclub.ru or through the feedback form on the website www.slingshotinrussia.ru.

The tournament participant’s individual identification number (ID) is the basis for participation in this championship, and you will need to indicate it on your targets during all shooting sessions.

* NOTE: An individual tournament participant’s identification number (ID) is assigned to the participant on a permanent basis and is valid in all subsequent tournaments held by the Slingshot in Russia group.




2.1. Participation in online slingshot tournament implies LIVE broadcasting of the entire shooting session via smartphone through the «Slingshot in Russia» group page on Facebook, link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Rogatki. To do this, the participant must first join the group.

2.2. The broadcast should be organized in such a way that, through a specially prepared and installed near the target mirror, a close-up image of the target simultaneously appears on the camera lens (you could clearly see traces of projectiles), and the shooter himself at the time of shooting (see location scheme at the bottom). In order to avoid cases of fraud, the entire process of broadcasting a shooting session should be broadcast continuously, without any pauses. 

2.3. Download and print the target in A4 size. You can download the target from the link: https://clck.ru/TimKR

Before starting a shooting session, fill in the appropriate fields in the target in advance and check that the target is printed correctly by placing a ruler on the calibration scale on the target itself (the distance from the center of the target to its edge should be 8 cm.) If possible, the target should be colored. All lines between digital zones must be clearly visible. All fields must be completed in a neat and legible manner.

2.4. During a live shooting session, demonstrate with a ruler that the target is printed correctly by holding the ruler against the calibration scale.

2.5. Fix the target on a 3mm — 5mm thick metal plate (substrate) in a way convenient for you.

* NOTE: Ensure that the target is firmly in contact with the metal plate so that when the projectile hits such a target, a characteristic metallic sound is heard and a clear mark remains, which can then be checked without error. In case of doubtful hits, the panel of judges reserves the right to evaluate such hits in the lower direction, as well as to cancel the shot or the entire round.

2.6. The shooting distance is 10 meters. Lay out a measuring tape from the shooting line to the target and show the distance directly in the broadcast before the shooting session begins.

2.7. Participants have the right to use any type of slingshot and bands, except for slingshots with a wrist support, additional lighting and pouches with a magnet.

2.8. Ammo — metal balls with a diameter of 6mm. — 12 mm. Number of valid shots — 10 pcs.

2.9. The number of projectiles and the slingshot itself must also be shown before firing.

2.10. When the projectile hits or touches the outside of the line, the following rules apply:

— when the line is broken by a projectile, the points are counted upwards.

— when the projectile touches the line, the points / points are counted down.

— if the projectile bent the line, but did not break it, the points are calculated downward.

2.11. The championship will consist of five (5) rounds, one shooting session per month (1 month — 1 round). Months of the championship: April, May, June, July, August.

* NOTE: Competitors are allowed to reinstate missed rounds from previous periods.

Participants can only restore one round of the previous month. Accordingly, no more than 2 (Two) rounds can be held per month — i.e. a round of the current and a round of the previous periods. Participants are allowed to conduct 2 rounds on the same day, but with the obligatory repetition of all stages of the round.

2.12. Shooting results (total number of points scored and points for each shot) will be reflected in the overall standings at the end of the tournament.

2.13. The overall results of the competition and the distribution of prizes will be published after summing up immediately after the end of the tournament.

2.14. Total number of prizes — 9


— Prize for 1st place: Slingshooting.com Coupon for 120 USD.

— Prize for 2nd place: David Black slingshot from Lumbro.

— Prize for 3rd place: Slingshot «Gioconda» from JOS.

— Prize for 4th place: Coupon from Slingshooting.com for 90 USD.

— Prize for 5th place: Coupon from Slingshooting.com for 70 USD.

— Prize for 6th place: Handmade slingshot from master Andrey Boblak.

— Prize for 7th place: Handmade slingshot from master Andrey Kalinin.

— Prize for 8th place: Albatross Slingshot by Youzgar Catapults.

— Prize for 9th place: Coupon from Slingshooting.com for 30 USD.

2.15. With the same number of results (total points scored), the winners are the participants with the highest number of maximum points.

2.16. All contentious issues will be brought up for discussion by the panel of judges for a final decision. The final decision of the panel of judges cannot be challenged.




3.1. Turn on your smartphone, enter the Slingshot in Russia group page on the Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/Rogatki  and start the live broadcast (Live).

3.2. Introduce yourself to the camera — state your name, country and date.

3.3. Show a slingshot and 10 ammos through your smartphone camera.

3.4. Show the long-range location from the shooting line to the target.

3.5. Follow along the measuring tape, showing its entire length from the beginning to the target (marks 0m, 5m, and 10m should fall into the camera).

3.6. Show the target to the camera to make sure it is intact and properly filled.

3.7. Attach a ruler to the calibration bar on the target and show this action to the camera.

3.8. Turn around and show the long-range shot of the location from the target to the shooting line.

3.9. Install a smartphone and increase the zoom of the lens so that through a pre-installed mirror a close-up target and a shooting line simultaneously hit the lens (see the location scheme below).

3.10. Proceed to the shooting line along the measuring tape and make 10 shots at the target.

3.11. After the end of the shooting, without stopping the broadcast, having previously taken with you a smartphone and a marker (pen), approach the target, add up the number of points knocked out and enter the results in the corresponding cells on the target. The broadcast can then be terminated.

*NOTE: Shooters are prohibited from making any marks on the targets in the hit area of ​​the projectiles, which make it difficult to check the shooting results. In these cases, the panel of judges reserves the right to evaluate the results of the shooting downward, as well as to cancel the shot or the entire round.

3.12. At the end of the broadcast, take a picture of the target and post it to the group with your ID. To avoid misunderstandings and controversial situations, the photo must be clear and must reflect the shooting results and all text fields.


A) A round (live broadcast) interrupted for technical or other reasons before the start of the shooting (before the first shot is fired) may be repeated again with all steps repeated.

B) A round (live broadcast), interrupted for technical or other reasons, in which a shooting session started (at least one shot was fired) is considered invalid, is canceled and the shooter is awarded — 0 points.

C) A round (live broadcast) during which the target or shooter is not visible to the camera will be declared invalid by the panel of judges and will be completely canceled. In this case, participants are prohibited from conducting a second restoring round on account of the current month.

D) The use of alternative technical means of broadcasting is allowed, if such allow one to observe simultaneously the shooting participant, and the process of hitting the target with projectiles, and the location itself.

E) You can use the help of an assistant to organize the live broadcast process and the shooting session.

F) Even those shooters who do not have a Facebook registration in the “Slingshot in Russia” group can take part in the tournament — for this, it is enough for other participants to publish their performance with the data of the shooter.

G) The online shooting session can be held both indoors and outdoors.

H). Detailed video instructions — how to participate in the tournament you will find here:  https://clck.ru/SPtKL



Panel of referees

Eduardo Nicieza


Vitaliy Zabalskiy


Daniel Vera Montero


Questions and appeal